What’s This About?

This site is designed to provide a forum for discussing practical, down-to-earth applications of gospel principles as found in LDS scriptures.

As Latter-day Saints, we generally appreciate the doctrinal value of our scriptures, but we still might underestimate how practical they can be in the here and now.  The scriptures contain the doctrines of salvation; which, no doubt, is their primary purpose.  But in addition, very practical, down-to-earth suggestions regarding how to handle the problems that we all face in everyday life can be found in scripture.  Our canonized scriptures are wonderful self-help books.  Taken together, and when confirmed by the Spirit, they provide the ultimate guide on how to live our lives.

This site is intended to provide helpful advice, based on scripture, for anyone facing interpersonal relationship problems, emotional distress, or mental health issues.  The author will be adding regular posts, and all readers are encouraged to share their stories and insights as well.

Do you have questions?  Forward them.  Do you have a story about how the scriptures have helped you in your life.  Forward it.  Do you have a unique insight regarding the practical meaning of a particular scripture?  Forward it. Use the response option at the bottom of each page; or for longer articles you can email your submission as attachments to drgary@garygtaylor.com. You can also subscribe to this website and get an email notification when new material is posted. Do this by sending an email request as indicated below.



6 thoughts on “What’s This About?

  1. Since my husband passed a few weeks ago, I am drawn to a scripture he has on his desk. it is D&C 121:7-8. “My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine affliction shall be but a small moment; And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high”

    • Hi Raeda. That is also one of my favorite scriptures. I find it interesting that this counsel was given to Joseph while he was suffering immensely in the Liberty Jail. His suffering continued for some time, but it would have been much easier to bear by thinking as the Lord here instructs him to do. Rather than thinking something like “This is horrible. I’m never getting out of this. Things will never be good again”; it would have helped to remember and insist on thinking something like “This is temporary. I can get through this. It’s only a matter of time and the sun will shine again, even brighter than ever before.” In this section of scripture, Joseph was also counseled to focus on why we are here. It’s very helpful when we can see the purpose of the adversity and problems we face in life. He was also reminded to focus on what was right in his situation rather than the problems. For example, even though the challenges were immense, he still had friends and family who stuck by him, his faith remained, his future was secure, etc. In effect, he was reminded that life works better when we focus on the positive. Finally, he was counseled to trust in the Lord. Joseph didn’t have to worry about the things he couldn’t control. Dr. Gary

  2. We are the parents of a 47 y old adult daughter living with us all her life and who is developmentally disabled. Hoping to connect with or find some information to help us in our daily lives. Our situation is like one day having a 12 year old who is so happy, another day a 47 year old going through menopause, another day a teen who is in tears because she isn’t dating… its a Real Challenge :) Just seeking scripture support and perhaps contact with other Church members in similar circumstances.

    • Hi Bob and Kay, Thanks for submitting your question. I decided to write a response that will hopefully address your specific question but also have more general appeal to others with similar challenges. Please see the latest post for the response. Good luck! drgary

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